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Two New DJ Edits

I know we’re jumping the gun a little bit on the warm weather jams, but summer’s all in the mind anyway, isn’t it? Here are two new re-edits I put together of some tracks that I’ve been playing on vinyl, and wished they hit just a little bit harder. Nothing too complicated, mostly just adding some low-end, extra percussion, and teasing out the intros a little bit. I dropped both of these in my recent CCC Podcast. Enjoy the tunes!

Two New Latin Edits by djstilllife Continue reading

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A Deeper Shade of Soul (DJ Still Life edit)

A Deeper Shade of Soul (DJ Still Life edit) by djstilllife

Here’s a bonus edit I put together to say thank you for all the support I’ve gotten for the ‘Try Otra Vez’ 7″ on BSTRD Boots. We made it to #1 on Turntablelab’s vinyl charts this week, which is pretty major to me. The Lab has been a huge influence on my tastes and development as a DJ, and continues to be a source of music for my mixes, radio show, etc. I used to read their daily arrivals section obsessively, back when folks like Rocktakon were writing the reviews, and got put up numerous gems, and general hilarity. Just having a piece of wax for them to sell felt like a pretty big deal, and seeing it resonate with folks has just been awesome. Big thanks to everyone whose enjoyed the tunes, wherever you’ve gotten them!

This edit is a pretty simple one, mostly letting the original do it’s thing. I’ve kicked a rough version around at parties for a while, and finally finished it up to share it folks. Hope it helps you add a bit of classic boogaloo to your life. Also, shouts out to Urban Dance Squad for putting me up on the track way before I was checking for Fania stuff. Their video had pretty much everything my sixth grade self thought was cool (I even rocked that Charlie Brown shirt for a while). Continue reading

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