New Official Remix: Phenomenal Handclap Band “Let The Right One In”

It’s official. This one is my first legit, commissioned remix. Super happy that it’s for friends-from-around-the-way, Phenomenal Handclap Band, and the good folks at Tummy Touch. What’s more, it’s an honor to share remixing duties with such a fine group of folks, including Eli Escobar, DJ Spun, Dennis Kane, and a bunch of other great NYC folks.

I really love the bass line from the original version of this tune, as well as the vintage synth work (which PHB have always had on lock). For my remix, I slowed the tempo down to a more leisurely, stepper pace, pulled away some of the extra instruments, and dubbed it out pretty hard. Shouts out to Matt Shadetek, who was the first person to hear this, and gave me valuable feedback regarding the direction. If you’re feeling this, support the artists and pick it up via one of the many digital stores that are selling it.

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