Music Supervision Work

Nick Jr. “How A Plant Grows”
Music: Raj Haldar a/k/a Lushlife

Stitch Fix “Convenience”
Music: Paul Hogan – “Spin Around”
(CoPilot Music)
Stitch Fix “Style That Fits”
Music: Kenny Segal & Luciano Storti
(Elias Arts)

The Leftovers (HBO)
Music: Kaleo – “Way Down We Go”
Dora The Explorer (Nickelodeon)
Music: Vassy – “Life Is Good”

Blaze (Nickelodeon)
Music: Black Strobe – “Dumped Man Boogie”

Blaze (Nickelodeon)
Music: Kennedy – “Oh Yeah”

Blaze (Nickelodeon)
Music: Tim Myers – “Come Along With Me”

Robinhood (Sandwich Video)
Music: Yalls – “Leak On”