Guest Mix From Saturn Never Sleeps (King Britt & Rucyl)

United by a shared inspiration from Sun-Ra and innovative electronic music of all kinds, Saturn Never Sleeps is a new project from King Britt and Rucyl.  Those familiar with either member will know that a long-standing straddling of the lines between hip-hop, soul, jazz, and far-out experimentation is part of their collective history.  With a debut album Yesterday’s Machine on the way, the duo has been paying visits to forward minded communities of music fans across the planet. They hit Low End Theory this week in LA, and on July 30th they’ll be performing alongside Teebs at Alpha Pup NYC at The Knitting Factory, which is quickly shaping up to be a meeting place for beat heads of taste and distinction. The group has also been kind enough put together an exclusive mix for Worldwide Smash, which we think makes a pretty clear statement ab0ut their artistic vantage point.  Listen in tonight at midnight EST for the mix, and grab tickets to see them do their thing at Alpha Pup NYC here.

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